Receive Payments

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How it works

Receive Payments in 3 easy steps


Customers can make payments against invoices and the payments is shown in the receive payments module.

The payments record is displayed against one or more of the customer's outstanding invoices.


Collect payments from customers at any time, even on public holidays, weekends and after working hours, at a friendly cost, by providing various online and offline channels.


However customers choose to pay, PaySorta is always available.

  • Debit/Credit Cards
  • Internet Banking
  • Bank Branch
  • Your Website
  • USSD
  • Mobile Wallets
  • Agent Location
  • Point of Sale Terminals

With real-time access to your inflows and outflows, you are empowered to make smarter business decisions at all times.
With PaySorta, you can accept payments from local & international cards.

Receive Payments from across
the World


Features For Receiving Payments


Digital Wallet Functionality

  • No Need For Card Storage
  • Unique Virtual Account Numbe
  • Chargeback Protection
  • Quick Payment
notification bell

Automated Notifications

  • Token Authorisation
  • Welcome and Schedule Payments Notification
  • Email Authorisation
  • Second Factor Authentication (2FA)

Real-Time Payments

  • Real Time
  • Secured Infrastructure
  • Instant Payments
  • One Debit To Multiple Credit Channel

Start Receiving Payments