Make Payments

PaySorta allows you pay easily at any time and from multiple payment channels available today on a single application. PaySorta securely allows payments to suppliers, vendors, staff and other billers into their accounts in any bank or mobile wallets, around-the-clock, including after official work hours, weekends and public holidays.

How it works

Make Payments in 3 easy steps


Ordering product and services

  • Log in to merchants or online business to order for any products or services.
  • Click the shopping cart icon(products) on the top right of the screen to open your shopping cart or pending payment (services) at the payment option button.
  • Click

Payment Information

Select your payment method
  • Bank transfer
  • USSD
  • Bank Account
  • Internet Banking
  • Pay with Card – for Debit card payments
  • Input the Card details (PAN, Expiry date, CVV)
  • Click "Pay"

Payment Confirmation

  • Payment details insertion for account confirmation.
  • Data synchronized with bank account details
  • One-Time-Pin (OTP) or Safe Token generated for confirmation.
  • Insert One-Time-Pin (OTP) or Safe Token for payment confirmed


Features For A Robust Payment Solution


Digital Wallet

No more filling in your card details every time you check out looking for your wallet at the store as we encourage payment information to be saved in one protected, central location. The card number is never stored in the payment gateway but merchants or individuals are assigned a unique virtual account number.
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Real-Time Payments

Either receiving or making payment, our infrastructure process payment real time using secured platform for all transaction.
PaySorta allows instant payments processing that supports one debit to multiple credit at every instant applicable point in secure way.

Custom Transfer Limits

By default, transfer limit is set on merchant account as PaySorta allows further configuration of transfer limit to mitigate fraud during approval process
It allows customers to entirely control the transfers for its connect accounts.

Mass Payments

PaySorta allows multiple payments simultaneously that supports one debit to multiple credit accounts at every instant applicable point in secure way.
The mass payments can be set up as one-time transactions or, if the payment amount is always the same, as recurring automatic payments which we still referred to as "mass payouts."

Instant Account Verification

PaySorta allows Instant account verification (IAV) to fund new accounts and set up recurring payments. It enables merchants using the platform to verify whether a customer’s source of funding is valid within seconds before making payment.
All information is encrypted at the same level of security as your online bank account.

Configurable API

PaySorta modern APIs are developed for seamless integration into any mobile or web applications for operational improvements.
Due to the success of the first stage of this project more services beside payments have been implemented in the new gateway as micro services and improve experience for the customer and higher conversion rates.

Start Making Payments